English C Lessons # 2


English C Lesson Number 2


 1. My name is Mother of Civilization.

 2. I came into existence by my Creator.

 3. My sister was brought by the Europeans luxury.

 4. My sister does not know she is a Queen.

 5. My sister does not know the language of truth.

 6. She likes the devil because of his luxury and false security.

 7. Why does she like the devil?

 8. Because he taught her how to cultivate man through her sexual attraction.

 9. Why does she fear the devil?

10. Because she is not born into the realization of the original man.

11. Does that have anything to do with the original man in the above statement No.10?

12. Yes, because she did not master the truth of God, and this made her other than her own self.

13. What is her-own self?

14. Mother of civilization and queen of the Universe.

15. Are there any women in Islam taking birth control?

16. I beg your pardon, I never heard of one.

17. How many women are there in Islam?

18. Thousands are going according to their nature as the Mother of civilization.

19. How many original women are not in accordance with their culture?

20. There are still a large number of women that are ignorant to the truth.

21. Do you mean to say, that there are still sex servants?

22. Yes madam!

23. I can hardly believe that, unless she is not taught right and exact.

24. Well some are still elevating themselves by the will of Allah.

25. Can a devil fool an original woman?

26. No! Not now a day.

27. Do you mean tell me that the devil fooled them 379 years ago?

28. Yes! A slave master by the name of John Hawkins Jr. stripped them of their true identity by investing fear in her. She seen and witnessed the punishments he gave to the original man.

29. Did she get punished by the devil?

30. Yes, because she was a sex servant to the devil.

31. Then what did the original man do?

32. There wasn’t anything he could do because if he tried to come to her aid they would shoot him in the head.

33. Why didn’t the original woman see her man?

34. Because of the original babies the devil would kill if he saw her talking to him.

35. Then when did the original woman have love and happiness with her creator?

36. ‘1964’! When Allah restored the knowledge of the original nation and taught us how to master the devil, and live in the world of love, truth, peace, freedom and justice.