Universal Justice

The Universal Justice is the self balancing scale of Divine Judgement built into each righteous man's mind, and is measured by proportions of self knowledge.


The History of Musa


In the year 10,920 of the Asiatic Calendar the birth of a half Original man came into existence by the name of Musa, commonly referred to in the Bible as Moses. The name Musa is his righteous name, which means the Great Civilizer. When the birth of the half-original man was known, the daughter of the Pharaoh took him as her own this was easy to do because the Egyptians and Hebrews were of the same skin tone. This enabled him to do his work later on in the life, which was to civilized Yacub’s grafted people, fore they were living a beastly way of life. The first 40 years of Musa’s life, he spent in Egypt, without having any knowledge of what he had to do in life.


In the year 10,960 when he turned 40 years old, he came amongst the original Hebrew people to obtain the knowledge that he needed. He spent the second 40 years of his life amongst the original Hebrews. This is when he was studying 180 degrees of knowledge that he received in order to civilize Yacub’s grafted people, this is what makes him a half original because he had only half the knowledge of the original man. This is why Musa gave the grafted people 33.33 degrees of wisdom, strength and beauty that he had and they later used this knowledge that Musa gave them to open up seats of worship, this is why to this day and time as to when one receives 33.33 degrees of wisdom, knowledge, they are considered a Muslim-son in 120 degrees.


In the year, 11,000 it was the end of the 40 years Musa spent amongst the original people studying. He began to awaken to the work he had to which was to civilize Yacub’s children. But when he went to the caves, he had to come back out because of the filth.


It was impossible for him to enter with such filth, so he came up with a plan, which would enable him to enter the caves. He began to think out a solution dealing with three savages of the planet Earth, which were the rat, cat and dog. Then he began to put the three to work on the caves and the filth that was in them.


First, he sent in the rat, but the rat failed, then he sent the cat in the cave, but the cat also failed, then Musa sent in the dog and it did a better job but not good enough for Musa to enter. Now Yacub is the father of these grafted people who Musa came to civilize, and he (Yacub) was a bio-chemist and he had wrote down the information that would be require so that Musa could bring forth an animal that would take away the filth of the caves, so that Musa could enter the caves.


Musa took this information and began to put it to work. He took the gene (sperm) and spliced it from the cat and the rat and injected it into a female dog. The dog gave birth to a Boar. Musa sent the animal in the caves and it did the job like a vacuum cleaner.


Then Musa was able to enter the caves, but as he went in, he had to started fires in circles to keep these people from killing him, so as time went on he started manifesting to the grafted people. Teaching them of wisdom, knowledge and how to build homes for themselves and how to live a respectable way of life.    


This work was some-what hard for Musa because these people had been living in the caves and they were living a beastly way of life for over 2,000 years. They (the old) did not want to leave the caves, so Musa had to think of a way to get them out of the caves, so he took about 300 of their older men tricked them up on a hill and blew them up. The others in the caves were scared so when Musa entered the caves he was allowed to live with them, this way he could teach them, because the ones he killed were old and the leaders of the old way, this way, he then only had the young to teach. Musa died at the age of 120 years, he died in the year 11,040 acy.


After the death of Musa, the Europeans gradually came out Europe. The first were the Jews, which first came out under the teachings of Musa through the first five books of Musa; they were also able to teach their other brothers through Masonry and the first five books of Musa. As the Jews, started coming out of Europe, they all headed toward Jerusalem, which they had found to be a peaceful place. The European was once run out of the holy lands such as Jerusalem and they started the war of the crusades.


This is the untold story of Musa the great Civilizer, (this plus degree was born in 15050), now when the Europeans came out Europe this time, they started capturing the lands of Africa to build their homes on it, they also start their civilization amongst the original people, based on the teachings of the original people, just with a European ideaology.


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